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Savory Spice Shop Spices Things Up

How do you handle communications to thousands of loyal fans, all at once, and personalized? Savory Spice Shop uses NetNewsdesk to do just that. Each month, customers receive a full feature newsletter called SimplySavoryNews.com. Specific offers and events from their chosen store arrive in the inbox, with links to all the news and information from across the Savory Spice Shop system.
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Andrew Hudson's Job List

Helping Job Seekers is Job #1 for AHJL

AndrewHudsonsjobslist.com is the leading employment website in Colorado, connecting thousands of local job seekers with employers each and every month. Each week, the site, which is entirely manged in NetNewdesk, is updated and broadcasted to an ever-growing list of subscribers.

Directing the Audience to News & Info.

The Art Directors Club of Denver has been around since 1955 and has over 500 members and participants. The Club uses NetNewsdesk to keep their members in the loop about exciting monthly programs and events, with their publication, adcdnews.com. As you can imagine, the emails are beautifully designed and executed.

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Mellennium Hotels

The Center of Millennium's Email Marketing

For over 13 years, NetNewsdesk has proudly served Millennium Hotels and Resorts' email marketing needs.  Millennium sends communications for each and every one of the U.S. hotel markets, as well as targeting system-wide leisure, business and partner audiences... all with one central online system.

NetNewsdesk in a nutshell:

NetNewsdesk Myriad of FunctionalityNetNewsdesk is a multi-page publishing tool AND email sending system in one. It's ideal for marketers who want the flexibility to send informative newsletters without the dreaded "toilet paper scroll" messages that simply don’t get read. NetNewsdesk is also great for short, one-page blasts, landing pages and micro sites – allowing all to be built and managed in one place. Our clients love not being tied to cookie-cutter templates and appreciate the freedom to create virtually unlimited layouts and designs with easy formatting tools. List management, personalized, targeted campaigns and distribution through social networks are a snap too. If you want a feature-rich online marketing tool that keeps subscribers engaged longer with more click-throughs and reads, NetNewsdesk is right for you.


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NetNewsdesk is a subscription-based service. We have varying levels that allow you to manage your marketing budgets accordingly and efficiently.

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True Multi-Page Environment Customizable Collaboration Unlimited Data Field Management Tracking and Exportable Reporting

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