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Obtaining a Credential requires a combination of education and experience. There are some early childhood professionals who, through informal training and on-the-job experience, acquire the core knowledge that is offered in the college classroom. These individuals can fulfill the educational portion of the Credential application by taking the Credential Assessment and scoring an 80% or better. The BASIC Credential Assessment is available for a Level I Credential and the ADVANCED Credential Assessment is available for Levels II, III and IV.  The Credential Assessment is only available for the Early Childhood Professional Credential at this time.

New! The Colorado Department of Human Services Division of Child Care has increased the number of courses required for large center director to ten.  The two new classes, Infant/Toddler Theory and Practice (ECE111) and the Exceptional Child (ECE 260), will be included in the ADVANCED Credential Assessment beginning with the October 2010 testing session.  The two additional classes will also be available as a separate test for those people who currently hold a large center director letter with the 8 classes and need to take the additional two required classes.  The new assessment will be named the Infant/Toddler Exceptional Child (ECE111/260) Assessment.

When is the Credential Assessment given?
During the months of February, June and October but individual testing centers may have limited availability so call the testing center right away to make an appointment. 

What is the testing fee?
The testing fee varies by testing center. Find the closest testing center to you in the table below and contact them directly.

What should I bring to the Assessment?
All you need to bring is a valid picture ID that also has your signature on it. The centers will accept a driver's license, state ID card, passport, or similar official documents. Items such as birth certificates, school IDs and work IDs are not permitted. You are not permitted to use any aids during the assessment; i.e. books, notes, dictionaries, calculators, etc.

How long is the Assessment?
The Assessment is timed and you have 3 hours to complete it.  It is administered on a computer.

What is the passing score?
There are 250 questions on the Basic and Infant Toddler Exceptional Child Assessment and you must get 80% (200) of them correct to pass.  There are 300 questions on the Advanced Assessment and you must get 80% (240) of them correct to pass.

When will I get my results?
You will get your results immediately at the end of the Assessment. If you pass and your Credential application is complete, our office will mail you a copy of your Credential.

What if I don't pass?
Keep in mind that these are difficult assessments as you are testing out of multiple classes, depending on the assessment that you take.  If you do not pass, you may retake the Assessment by making an appointment with the testing center.

What material is covered on the test?
The Colorado Core Knowledge and Standards: A Guide for Early Childhood Professional Development will help you know what material is covered on the Assessment. For a copy, Download PDF click here or call the State Form Center (4999 Oakland St., Denver, CO., 80239) at 303-370-2165 (you will hear a recording of menu options; press 6 for State Forms). Request Document #615-82-54-1997. It costs $17.

It may also be helpful to look at the textbooks used in the ten required courses.  Find the list here.

Where can I receive more information?
Contact Jennifer O'Brien by phone at 303-866-4214 or by email.

Where can I go for ece classes?
Click here for information on furthering your education.


Testing Center

Contact Person

Phone Number

Arapahoe Community College

Lyn Smith


Colorado Mountain College-Dillon/Summit

Sheri Weinman 

970-468-5989 x2803

Mountain College-
Edwards (Eagle-Vail)



Jeanne McCann


Colorado Mountain College-Leadville

Terresa Herbst


Mountain College-Steamboat

Debra Farmer


Mountain College-Glenwood

Eunice Kong 


Community College of Denver

Michele Hosaka


Shelly Trujillo

Angelica Mardones

Delta-Montrose Technical College

Sheryl Williams


Front Range Community College-Boulder

Michael Chisholm


Front Range
Community College-Larimer

Robbe Thibault


Front Range
Community College-Westminster

Testing Center


Mesa State

Terri L. Wise


Northeastern Junior College

Andrea Schumacher


Pikes Peak Community College

Peggy Hawke


Pueblo Community College

Ross Barnhart


Duemece Aragon


Red Rocks Community College

Stan Eigsti


Southwest Colorado CC

Note:  Click here for testing dates and hours for June 2012 testing session!

Doug Pfliger

970-247-2929 x7210


Trinidad State Junior College



Tori Eckes



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