The Bookies: A bookstore like no other

It all started in a basement ...

More than 30 years ago, owner Sue Lubeck got the idea to start selling books. She stocked her basement and opened by appointment.  The books took over the stairs ... then the living room  ... then the bedrooms! 

After a decade during which Sue's house overflowed with books,  The Bookies moved to its first store location at Sixth Avenue and Ogden Street.  The Bookies soon grew too large for that Ogden location as well and relocated to its current address, 4315 E. Mississippi Ave. The store has expanded twice to make room for the ever-growing inventory of books, teacher materials, games and toys.

The Bookies today

Shelves of kids booksThe Bookies is a major supplier to most of the metro Denver school districts and serves schools as far-flung as Las Vegas, New York and Minnesota, as well as those in our neighbor states. Our annual Teacher Nights draw more than 100 teachers to The Bookies for an evening event.

stuffed animalsOur inventory has expanded beyond books: The store stocks a wide selection of professional development material for teachers, and former teachers on staff can help educators find what they need.  We have a fine selection of gift items for both children and adults. The Bookies offers a discount to everyone and can fill special orders for almost any title.

Story time is at 10:30 a.m. every Tuesday. The Bookies coordinates in-store book fairs for local schools and organizations and hosts children's authors.

The Bookies | 4315 E Mississippi Ave | Denver, CO 80246 | 303-759-1117